Javalin have been working in the computer cabling industry for 24 years and have gained considerable knowledge in what is now a very diverse industry. We have seen data transmission speeds move from 10 mega bit to 1 gigabit and we are now future proofing some customers with solutions to support 10 gigabit.

We have been providing audio video solutions for the last 6 years and have seen the revolution that the industry has had on teaching methods. Nearly every school has a projector in each classroom.

Digital communication and digital signage has become an increasingly popular medium in common areas of schools and colleges to keep staff, pupils and visitors informed about the latest news and developments at their site. We can provide design input to create your own layouts and help you to integrate digital signage into your network.

There has been a revolution in wireless technology over the past 18 months with the advent of managed wireless, providing an exciting opportunity to exploit the flexibility of wireless without all the drawbacks; poor reliability, slow connection speeds and unable to support high client density.

We have deployed numerous managed wireless systems and the general consensus from our customers is ‘wireless just works, I don’t have to think about it any more’.

Overview IT Suite & AV Power Network Infrastructure

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