Avocor Interactive Screens

Introducing the E10 series from Avocor that combines cutting-edge, lightweight LED technology with first-to-market, 2mm, optically bonded glass to deliver the most superior user experience on an Infra-red interactive display that is incredibly high performing yet extremely cost effective.

With 4K screen resolution, users will enjoy crystal clear, stunning image clarity that creates a truly immersive visual experience, while the 2mm optically bonded glass increases contrast ratio and luminance, ensuring that screen content is always clearly visible.

Optimised for Windows 10, the E series includes edge swipe functionality, giving the E series a tablet-like feel. The optically bonded glass has an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating that delivers an exceptionally smooth and natural touch experience.

With 20 individual, ultra-fast touch points, the E series uses Avocor Intelligent Touch, making the display ideal for collaborative environments. Users will enjoy the benefit of the display’s simultaneous annotation and writing capabilities, allowing for ultimate interactivity and facilitating group collaboration.

Avocor Intelligent Touch also features object recognition, easily identifying between pen, finger or palm erase, delivering a smooth user experience that is fast and intuitive. Intelligent Touch also enables ‘in-app’ inking directly into a host of applications including Microsoft Office and Edge browser.

Unique on an Infra-red display, the E series includes a 3mm tipped passive pen aware functionality, users will enjoy superior pen performance that is incredibly precise and accurate.

The E series comes with a comprehensive suite of software applications including Quizdom OKTOPUS and Quizdom Ximbus. Built to run on 4K, OKTOPUS features over 70 subject specific tools based on a wide range of curriculum topics, enabling teachers to create and deliver highly engaging lessons that are truly immersive, interactive and collaborative.

Also included with the E10 series is a 3-year subscription to Quizdom Ximbus, a convenient and easy to use, cloud- based software that enables lesson preparation and collaborative whiteboarding that integrates seamlessly with the Google G-Suite and Microsoft One Drive.

For more information on Avocor products or to discuss your specific interactive presentation requirements please call us on 01245 463377.

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