Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive boards are now common place in most primary and secondary schools and have become a vital teaching tool, with which many would struggle to do with out.

We can supply, install and provide training on all of the leading manufacturer’s boards including Smart, Hitachi and Promethean.

Accessories - Voting systems allow teachers to immediately assess the success of a lesson and the individual progress of pupils and to make informed decisions about future learning. This avoids the traditional scenario where the same 4 or 5 pupils will give most of the answers in a Q&A session, thus giving you a greater insight into the entire groups learning progress.

Visualisers – Enable any flat or 3D object to be magnified and displayed on a large screen at the front of the class and viewed from any angle. Teachers can demonstrate items in fine detail or show documents without the need to produce numerous photocopies, saving time and money.

Please contact us for a free consultation about installing interactive whiteboards in your school.

Plasmas & LCD's Interactive Whiteboards Short Throw Projectors

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