Interactive Flat Panel Display Screens

Interactive Flat Panel Display screens (IFPD’s) play a vital role in today’s learning environment but as demand increases so does the array of models available. Here are some ideas about which screen to choose, some practical things to consider and how they improve teaching methods.

Which Screen?
There are more than 20 different brands of IFPD’s on the market although there are currently three prominent brands being installed in Essex schools. If you already plan lessons and content using Smart Notebook software, then Smart screens are the way to go. If you have Promethean whiteboards and use ActivInspire, it makes sense to stick with Promethean displays. If you choose Clevertouch screens then you should embrace CleverLynx and the bundled software that comes with it. Be aware that most screens come with a software bundle, don’t be caught out by expecting to use all features of another vendor’s software on a different brand of screen.

Location, Location, Location
Almost without exception, IFPD’s are installed in exactly the same location as the Interactive whiteboard it replaces. But because all screens are wide screen format they appear smaller than whiteboards and the height of the screen from the floor should be agreed carefully before installation. The screen can be installed on a fixed mount or a variable height mount. A balance box is a wall mount that enables vertical movement at the touch of a finger or an electrical mount can provide greater height movement.

Mobile and Tablet Interactivity
Until now, interactivity has always been at the front of the classroom. But just as television made the leap from Analogue to Digital, so has the IFPD. It is now possible for teachers to be mobile around the classroom using an Ipad, Windows or Android tablet. Children can participate and collaborate to the big screen from their own tablets. Teachers can set fun and exciting quizzes and tests in all subjects and collect, collate and export the results to Excel. This is just one of the many exciting ways in which IFPD’s can make a huge difference in classroom collaboration.

If you need guidance about Interactive Flat Panel Display screens, please contact John Vallance or Tom Vallance on 01245 463377 or alternatively email on sales@javalin.co.uk.

Javalin Network Services Ltd have been established for 30 years and working with schools for over 25 years. Our highly experienced and professional team are on hand to assist you in all areas of your audio and visual requirements.

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