Wireless Overview

Wireless technology has made big advancements over the last few years with prices of high quality managed solutions falling into most peoples budgets. Educational establishments are very demanding users of wireless requiring a very high density of users all performing similar tasks simultaneously.

However, using the latest managed wireless technology coupled with clever design we can meet these and future needs.

Our aim is to provide solutions that overcome the reliability and lack of throughput issues of the past so that users are completely unaware that they are using wireless ‘so it just works.’

We can provide secure access for guests to browse the internet. This functionality is readily available in most manufacturers’ managed systems.

Draft N solutions performance of up to 300mbps delivering almost the performance of a wired network with the all the flexibility of wireless.

Some Key Benefits of N Band Wireless:

  • Channel bonding - allowing data to be sent over two clear channels instead of one.
  • Spatial multiplexing two receivers and two transmitter aerials.
  • Frame Aggregation – transmit larger packets reducing header and footer frame overheads.
  • Block acknowledgement – acknowledges multiples packets instead of every individual packet. It is critical to have strong signal strength to achieve this benefit.
  • Variable Guard Interval – Reduces packet transmission gap which can give up to 10% performance improvement.
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